Underrated Red Lobster Items

Everyone who has ever come to Red Lobster knows all about the classic options that you can get in this place. The most obvious, of course, is the Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Despite the brand name, it is this menu item that’s honored above all else in the menu. It’s so popular that Red Lobster serves a million of these biscuits each day. Even the employees at Red Lobster have grown tired hearing about how perfect these biscuits are. 

Then you also have the Ultimate Feast. The prices of Red Lobster meals are quite reasonable, and that’s especially true for this classic option. You have tender Maritime lobster tail, Walt’s Favorite Shrimp, the brand’s signature garlic shrimp, and the snow crab legs all on a platter. It’s just marvelous, and understandably famous. 

But you should really broaden your horizons when it comes to Red Lobster options. Some of the menu items are not as popular, but they’re so good that they should be. Here are some adventurous options that you ought to try, as they may become your new favorites: 

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12 Oz New York Steak

Among foodies and other dedicated fast-food fans, there’s a simple rule when it comes to ordering something at a fast-food joint. That is, don’t order an item in a place that doesn’t specialize in that item

What does that mean? In general, if a fast-food joint is famous for its chicken, then you shouldn’t go there to try their burgers. If the place is famous for its pizza, then don’t go there and complain when you order a sandwich instead. 

This rule is especially true when it comes to ordering steak. If you have a hankering for steak, then you should go to a steakhouse. Don’t go to a place known for its seafood—like Red Lobster. 

But apparently, Red Lobster steak is an exception to the rule. Red Lobster lists steak in its menu to acknowledge the very real possibility that some people might not like seafood at a certain moment. Or perhaps, they were just coerced into visiting Red Lobster because the majority of their group voted to eat there. 

If you’re not a seafood fan and you order the New York Steak at Red Lobster, you won’t be disappointed. These superb steaks are marinated in a peppercorn rub, before they’re set on a firewood grill. They’re great with the creamy herbed mashed potatoes that come with the steak, and you’re allowed another side dish to order. So, you can go healthy with some veggies, or you can always stick to French fries. Either way, it’s great. 

Shrimp Skewers

You may have overlooked this option simply because it’s listed in the Kids section of the menu. But you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate it. These wood-grilled shrimp skewers are certainly flavorful. They’re even terrific for low-calorie diets as each skewer only has 80 calories. 

Try a couple of skewers with some tasty brown rice and veggies, especially the steamed broccoli. You have yourself a satisfying meal without paying a lot. 

Kung Pao Noodles with Crispy Shrimp

The noodles come with a nice sweet and spicy soy-ginger sauce, and then you have the crispy shrimp and crispy onions, to go with the green onions, cashews, cabbage, and edamame. It’s an Asian classic with the Red Lobster spin that will really get your taste buds interested. 

Tilapia and Scallops

Here you get pan-seared tilapia, along with some grilled sea scallops. They’re topped with a garlic and herb sauce, and you get this order with your choice of two sides. 

This may seem like a simple choice, but it’s deceptively satisfying. They cook the tilapia just right, so that it’s delightfully flaky. Meanwhile, the scallops are succulent and juicy. And the garlic and herb sauce is so awesome you might wonder about drinking whole glasses of the stuff with your fresh baguette. 

Try this with some rice, and it’s a perfect combination. Get some steamed veggies as well, and you’re good to go. 

Southwest Style Lobster Tacos

The order includes 3 tacos with roasted corn and an avocado salsa, then topped with jalapeño ranch dressing that’s somehow both cool and yet spicy. While you can go with the tilapia, chicken, or shrimp for the tacos, you really should try the lobster. It’s just so good with the taco. 

This order doesn’t come with your choice of 2 sides, however. But you do get the chicken brown long grain rice. Grab a bit of the taco and follow it up with the rice, and it’s just perfect. 

There you have it, great Red Lobster menu items that people don’t order all that often. But you should try all of these, and you might just become a fan instead. 

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