How Do CBD Oil Benefit Your Pets?

In recent times, CBD oils have started to gain popularity because of their perceived usefulness to both humans and animals. The benefits of this product look a lot like signs and wonders. People have started to realize their advantages, but if you are one of those yet to know what type of product it is or what it can do for pets and humans, then you may just be in the right place as we will take a deep dive into what the product is, and then how it can benefit pets.

But since we are taking one step at a time, let us start with this.

What is CBD Oil?

First of all, CBD is a short form of the word “Cannabidiol,” so we can also call it cannabidiol oil. It is extracted from the hemp plant. All components of these hemp plants can be classified as cannabinoids, and there are many of them. Over the years, cannabidiol products have had their fair share of criticism and misconception. 

Let us take a sneak peek into that; people have consistently concluded that it makes one feel “high.” This feeling is characterized by a level of intoxication. However, it is one component of cannabinoids that can cause one to have that effect, THC. THC is another short form of Tetrahydrocannabinol, which contains some psychoactive properties. This page has more on the difference between THC and CBD. 

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The Usefulness of Cannabidiol for Animal Health

So now that we have an idea of what this product is, we can start discussing its benefits to the health of our pets. Every pet owner and lover sees it as a priority to ensure that their pets are generally cared for. We should understand that they also have needed those basic and emotional needs just like humans. 

Apart from feeding them and housing them, there are some other needs they may have, and these needs are to be taken care of. In this section, we will be looking at how CBD oils can provide health benefits to our pets. Like in humans, research and studies have confirmed that cannabinoids react with endocannabinoid receptors found in the nervous systems of pets. 

This interaction leads to the general maintenance of their health. But we can do one better; let us be more specific with their benefits;

What Are Those Benefits of CBD for Dogs and Cats?

Let us take a closer look at some of the benefits below; 

It Can Act as a Potent Pain Killer

Due to surgery, age, fracture, exercise, etc., pets can suffer body pain in different parts of their body. When they experience these pains, it is quite difficult for them to be those loving, adorable, and playful creatures you wanted. When this product is used consistently, it can reduce pain levels and can even treat chronic diseases very effectively. 

It Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties

Medical research and studies have confirmed that cannabidiol products contain anti-inflammatory properties. They have also been touted to contain antioxidant properties, making them increasingly important in today’s world of medicine. These anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make them a plus to the immune system, as it helps the body react well to several physiological complications.

It Reduces Anxiety Levels

You will be wrong if you assume that only humans face anxiety issues. All animals do, so your pets are no different. Even though they do not face the same type of anxiety issues as humans, they have their fair share of anxiety bouts. Things like family separation, car rides, thunderstorms, and panic attacks can negatively affect their health. 

In severe cases, some of these animals may tend to become suicidal. With CBD oils, these symptoms can be brought under control. Verbal use of this product is enough medication to help them calm down a bit. You can find more on this link on how to reduce anxiety in dogs. 

It Aids Their Joint and Bone Health

When pets age, it becomes inevitable that they start to face several health challenges. One of the significant challenges they face is arthritic pain. When they begin to feel these types of pain, they become less and less valuable. Using this product is sure to give potent results when it comes to aging animals. Some of these breeds are usually predisposed to these complications, but they can be mitigated using these products. They have a positive effect on joint and bone health.

It Helps to Rejuvenate Healthy Coat and Skin

Obviously, the skin is the largest organ of any animal. Skin allergies, ticks, and even lack of nutrition can do some level of damage to a pet’s skin and even spoil its coat. A topical application of this product can increase your pet’s health as it has been shown to give promising results.

It Helps to Improve their General Body Activities

Usually, most pets are very active. They tend to play and jump around a lot. But what happens when your pet suddenly becomes dull and inactive. It may be for various reasons. They may not be happy, maybe anxious, depressed, may even be feeling pain in different parts of their bodies. The best way to care for them is to give them a dose of this product.

How Can CBD Oils Be Applied to Your Pets?

Just as humans, they can be applied to their skin and fur. But as always, the best form of medication should be used through the mouth. That way, the body can absorb the product, and it would also work a lot faster. You can check the Holistapet blog to learn more about using CBD for pets the right way. 

Take Away

In the end, CBD oils are beneficial to both pets and humans. As long as you do not include THC, you and your loving animals are free from most of its adverse effects. Stay healthy, stay safe, try cannabidiol oils today and give your pets a good life.

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