How to Shop for CBD Oil

There are currently hundreds of bottles lining up the shelves of various stores. It’s up to you to know which ones are safe or not. 

Hemp farmers in many farms across the United States have two concerns. The first is to ensure that the plants don’t absorb a lot of chemicals in the soil. The other is knowing the percentage of the two essential components of the plants. These are the CBD (cannabidiol) or THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which increase its potential for more therapeutic effects. Read more about THC on this page here

As what many consumers are aware of, these are the only two most important factors that consumers should consider when choosing among the bottles being sold across the country.

The choices may be too confusing in the future. This is because the cannabis industry is expected to reach a seven-fold figure of about $2.15 billion in 2021 from the figures of $292 million in 2016. According to the data produced by Brightfield Group and many other companies are watching closely when it comes to cannabis.

What to Shop?

  1. Know the THC Content of the Products

It’s very important to know the THC content when you’re buying CBD. This will let you know if you’re going to get that high and how effective the extracts will be. Some of the supplements in the market have less than 0.3% THC, which is considered negligible to improve the entourage effect. 

The research suggests that some people experience faster effects when they combine CBD with a bit of THC. The overall idea is where the sum of the two compounds will be greater than the sum of the individual parts. This is also where the other chemicals like terpenes and flavonoids come into effect. When they are mixed and become a product such as full-spectrum CBD oil, they will have faster effects with anxiety, pain relief, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

To be sure, the entourage effect has proven itself to be confirmed on several occasions. Only a tiny amount of THC is needed for this to work. The cutoff is 0.3% which is legal at a federal level. The enhancement of the therapeutic effects is also helpful to many.

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  1. Find Out Where the Plants Were Grown

Many online products and retail shops may sell CBD oil that comes from hemp and not necessarily marijuana. The source is very important, and most of the products coming from Oregon or Colorado are premium ones. These are the states with a long history of growing cannabis. In Kentucky, the state has a law that supports the local growers of hemp in 2013, and this is also something to consider.

Other sources are considering Colorado as having the best programs. The agricultural programs have performed well, and they have many programs involving tests and field checks. The state is actively investigating any significant reports of illegal pesticides based on the complaints that they are receiving.

It’s also worth noting that the products that are grown overseas are becoming too problematic. For one, they are not usually subjected to federal tests, and they don’t provide reports. Also, the guidelines should follow the FDA’s, and you can never be sure when the plants come from overseas.

Check the labels of the products and know more about where they were grown. Not all the products may include this kind of information, so if you’re getting one from the dispensary, you may never be sure of what’s going on. For the ones purchased online, check the website of the company for more information. Call the sellers and ask questions to the representatives. 

  1. Ask for Test Results

Ask to see a products’ certificate of analysis. This is a specific document that shows the tests performed, checking the THC and CBD levels, contaminants, and a lot more. 

Products made from hemp in Colorado may not require any testing for the finished bottles. Instead, the certificates may come directly from the manufacturers themselves. Not all companies take this extra, so it’s better if you choose the ones that do. If the online shop does not provide this type of information or refuses to share everything with you, look for another company.

A state in Indiana has made it accessible for its consumers to find the certificate of analysis. This is through the help of the QR codes that are included on the labels. It made it easy for consumers to do the scanning through their phone, and they can know the ingredients, lab results, and all the other pertinent information about the products they are taking.

For further assurance of the quality, it’s recommended to check the COA to see if the laboratory meets the standards like ISO 17025. This suggests that the lab is following a high scientific standard, and the company has testing methods that international organizations validated.

This is a great reason why you should go for a premium online CBD shop, such as Cannacares. They offer a CoA on every product sold, so you will always know the exact ingredients. You can visit their CBD shop at

  1. List the Amount of CBD

The amount of cannabidiol that you get not only just for the whole bottle but for each dose is often expressed in milligrams. The amount will vary depending on the form, and experts may suggest that you start from the minimum quantities.

Take extra care when using or buying products that only let you see the total amount of cannabinoids in them. This includes THC and CBD, as well as dozens of others. You’ll get better benefits when you choose the full-spectrum ones, and they should be rich with other phytocompounds and other fatty acids. 

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