How To Become A Good Social Media Strategist?

The life of a social media strategist is adventurous, challenging and hard. Under the umbrella of social media strategists, you have to be a designer, editor, analyst, customer care representative and whatnot! Now don’t fear looking at the list of responsibilities and job roles.

 As much hard work you put in, you will also fetch great rewards for it. These days, social media is more about connecting with people and solving their grievances than just advertising the product. Along with creating some peppy viral content, here are some of the responsibilities that make a social media strategist a better one!

Communication skills

 The first and foremost skill that a social media strategist should possess is the art of communication! It is not just about how well you speak to the opposite part but what role you occupy while conversing with them. As the brand’s voice, you are constantly in touch with the customers and solving their grievances. 

 Collaborating with other brands, you become the representative of your own company. The question that lies here is how well do you switch roles and communicate to keep everyone happy? You also are required to communicate with your team and peers effectively. And, decide on how to plan the next social moves.

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 Build contacts

 Another crucial job role is to gather as many helpful contacts as possible. It can be a list of internal stakeholders who need to get the latest company updates or a list of social media influencers so you can collaborate on creative content. The list is endless and the social media strategist needs to be pretty famous around the block.

 To access email contacts is easier than before. You can now obtain hundreds of them with an email search engine Powered by artificial intelligence, it can fetch any amount of email addresses within no time. also comes with a chrome extension to Linkedin so you can find email addresses faster.

 Customer care

 When on social media, you find two significant types of people. One, those who love to engage with the brand. And two, the customers who have ideas to share or concerns to resolve. The social media strategist should be able to adapt to changing requirements as the online is very dynamic.

 Most customers prefer to reach out to the brands on social media with concerns than to call the customer care number. It is because social media platforms are more responsive and understanding. So, consider that fact and resolve the issues most creatively. Being the brand’s representative, showing empathy towards the customers’ impact positively. Thus, improving the brand’s value.


Being good at creativity, marketing skills, adapting to the dynamic trends online are a few prerequisites that one must fulfil. Social media management is a career that requires constant learning and evolving. You can imagine your life being as exciting as Miley Cyrus had while being Hannah Montanna! When managed well, you get the best of both worlds!

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