What can you do if you’re wrongfully accused of a crime in Toledo?

eing called a criminal when you are innocent is the worst thing that can happen to you. Nobody expects this to occur with themselves, but unfortunately, if it ever happens to you, a criminal defense attorney in Toledo can help you in such cases. In this blog, you will read about things you can do if you have been wrongly accused. 

Realize the seriousness of the allegations

You need to understand the gravity of the situation. Even though you are innocent, you should not blindly assume that the court will decide in your favor. Strategize how you can get rid of the allegations and live a peaceful life.

Hire an attorney

Legal cases are tricky and complex, so it might be overwhelming if you try to handle them all by yourself. Moreover, to prove yourself innocent, you need to collect evidence that would be more convenient for a lawyer than you. So hiring a lawyer can make the whole process simpler.

Use your right to be silent.

When you are right, it might be tempting to speak about your innocence. But use your right to be silent until you have the conversation with your attorney, as he will guide you on how to put forward your point. Any inconsistency will prove you to be more guilty. So it’s better to say as per the lawyer’s direction.

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Decline voluntary testing and searches

Decline any home search or DNA testing even if you feel that it will make your innocence evident. You can decline it if it is not a court order. 

Gather evidence

Start gathering pieces of evidence that prove your innocence. But make sure you don’t destroy anything during the trial period, as that may make the police doubt your intent. You can talk to possible witnesses who can prove your innocence. Keep a list of those contacts for ready use.

Avoid contacting the victim.

Don’t try to contact the victim to clarify things because they can manipulate it to make the case in their favor.


You might be feeling anxious and worried because of the wrong allegations, but you need to stay calm to make wise decisions. Remember, if you strategically handle the case, everything sorts out, and you can even claim money for the embarrassment, trials, and tribulation you had to face because of the accusation.