How to save energy – and money – this summer

2022 is a summer like others, in that the heat has returned, but different in terms of prices. The energy has skyrocketed and putting on air conditioning, or a fan can be a high expense. Therefore, there is no other, this exercise you have to try to save so that the domestic economy is not too compromised and it is possible to meet the expenses. And it is not only the summer that must be taken into account. As pointed out from the Renewable Energies portal, winter also affected household finances with the rise in light and that made putting on the heating also suppose a high cost. But the good news is that with easy routines and some changes, it is possible to ensure that the electricity bill does not affect the household economy so much.

6 tips to save energy at home

These are the steps you can follow at home to save energy this summer and secure household finances.

  • Take advantage of natural light 

The hours of sunlight in summer increase and that is good news. During the day this advantage can be used to avoid turning on the light bulbs. Of course, during the hours of maximum heat, it is recommended to lower the blinds to prevent temperatures in the house from skyrocketing.
And, of course, always turn off the light when not in use. When leaving a room, check that no light bulb or appliance is left on.

  • Invest to save 

Did you know that charging a mobile in aeroplane mode consumes less energy, or that using LCD screens instead of normal ones allows greater savings? Other tricks are to avoid the stand-by of some electronic devices and turn them off correctly instead of leaving them in sleep mode. You can save your energy through

  • Check the schedules

A no-brainer that can be forgotten. But you have to check which are the cheapest time slots and use high-consumption appliances, such as the washing machine, in these spaces. Also in relation to this device, it is necessary to resort to lower temperature programs to save even more. oh! And be careful with constantly opening and closing the temperature of your refrigerator.

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  • Monitor the air conditioning 

Using air conditioning is unavoidable, especially if you are going through a heat wave. But this does not mean that you should not monitor the use and pay attention to consumption. The temperature must be between 24 and 26ºC and take advantage of the coolest hours to turn off this device.

  • The led bulbs 

It has been a long time since it has been advisable to change incandescent light bulbs, which translates into savings of more than 80% in this item of consumption. In addition, they last longer than traditional ones. 

  • Compare electricity rates

Compare electricity rates There are many electricity rates and surely not all of them suit you. Compare the different options and choose the one that best suits the needs of your home. Doing a little research before hiring anything is the best option so that later you do not raise your hands to your head because of the bill. You can start off by checking peco rates here.

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