What Are The Three C’s Of Employee Engagement?

Business leaders around the world are always looking for ways to engage their employees. But why are businesses thinking more and more about employee engagement? 

It is noted that workplaces with better employee engagement experience more benefits, and are also known to be more profitable. Employee engagement results in better client service and helps in giving more productive outcomes.

A study on employee engagement shows that disengaged employees easily quit their job compared to highly engaged employees.

If you practice with highly engaged employees and provide them stress-free and happier workplaces, they will stand by your side and continue to work with great zeal. Highly engaged employees promote a culture of teamwork and a sense of fulfilment. A good workplace is one where your employees high-five more than leaving the offices with their heads down at the end of their shifts.

But now, it has been noted that businesses are not putting any effort into valuing their employees, making it harder to retain them. The HR managers and team heads need to create some way to motivate their employees if they want productive results. Team building events, increased appreciation, and fun activies and events help companies with issue of employee engagement.

Today, most businesses are not working on the three C’s of employee engagement, making it difficult to run a good business. In this blog, we will discuss some aspects and importance of the three C’s of employee engagement, which are the need of the hour.

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Building good connections with employees is a must in every business, because lack of communication leads to misunderstandings. Many communication tools and platforms are available today, and you can leverage them to increase communication with your teams and employees. You can opt for simple texts, which is a suitable time-saving option. Conference calls are another easy way to communicate and join hands with your employees. These ways of communication are easy and highly efficient, but if you are not delivering it in the right way, it also has consequences. 

The face-to-face chat with your employees is a distinctive way to listen to them. It is an old practice but is still the first choice of successful business leaders. An in-detailed chat with a cup of coffee in a calm environment is the best way to connect with your employees’ minds, leaving a sense of care and respect for them.

Results of Good Communication

When you take their suggestions and discuss their roles in your business, they think that you are valuing them, and they start showing efficiency in their work, which results in more productive outcomes for your business.

When you get information from them on things they are facing in their daily work routines, you will figure out where you are lacking in your business. The time you spend with your employees will pay back in many ways. Engaging your team and providing them support and trust works better for you and helps to eliminate any mismanagement.


How do you feel if your company takes suggestions from you or values you in front of the whole company or a client? Obviously, you will feel great when your business heads consider you and give you importance.

The practice of effective collaboration promotes a sense of teamwork and engages your employee, and helps them generate good results. Employees who feel they are an integral part of the business take responsibility for the overall business activity, leading to the organization’s success. A high-level collaboration enables you to share ideas regarding clear how to get on a successful track.

Results of Good Collaboration

A culture of collaboration and listening should be a must in every business as collaboration is important to achieve good results. When you arrange productive team meetings and get all your employees at one table, it helps you to know the gems of your company, silently producing effective results for your business. When you let your employees think out of the box, you are enabling them to generate new ideas and services that can benefit your organization.


Appreciation is something that gives employees a boost to do things more efficiently. Whenever an employee feels their efforts are appreciated, they will automatically put in more effort to continue delivering good results. Think for a moment that you are a hardworking and dedicated employee; how do you feel if your organization won’t give you any credit for your efforts? It will gradually demotivate you, and you will start losing interest in your daily work routine. 

If your best performers aren’t valued or appreciated, they won’t hesitate to leave your company and hunt for a new job. So, in a workplace where employees are appreciated, they keep themselves engaged and co-operate better with other employees and team members.

Today, several companies are looking into this matter carefully and are recognizing the efforts of the employees in order to reward their achievements and boost their morale. Most companies also have appreciation awards, such as ‘Employee of the Month’ or ‘Team of the Quarter.’

Results of Celebration

You don’t know, but celebrating even small achievements can do wonders. If you simply say ‘thank you’ to your employee, it will positively impact their daily performance. The act of appreciation is the most important of all the three C’s, as your employees are always looking for a return for their untiring efforts. 

Rewarding employees with monthly awards, bonuses, and increments result in more reliable performances. It is the best way to build an organization where people always look to work successfully.

When you blend the three C’s in your work culture, you will get exceptional benefits and perks for your organization. If done rightly, the three C’s are the key to building a strong image of your company. You will get a fully engaged team that gives high performances every second day. So, if you haven’t worked on the three Cs, reconsider your employee engagement strategy and get performance-oriented results. 

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