My Pressure Cooker Exploded- Am I Eligible For A Lawsuit?

A popular kitchen appliance that is probably used in every house is the pressure cooker. Electric pressure cookers create a combination of high pressure and high temperatures to cook meals quickly. You may think it is a safe kitchen appliance, and nothing could go wrong, but you may be wrong. 

Pressure cooker brands have been increasingly receiving lawsuits. People have reported that certain brands of pressure cookers have exploded in their faces, causing severe burns due to a faulty design or have manufacturing defects. If you are one of the victims suffering from defective pressure cooker injuries, you can file a lawsuit against the pressure cooker brand. 

How can a pressure cooker explode?

A pressure cooker is an electrical cooking appliance that is hermetically sealed, and then pressure is created inside it to cook meals. Due to so much pressure and heat, the food is cooked quickly, which is an appealing idea for families. However, there are some dangers as well. 

If the pressure cooker lid is lifted or removed when there is high pressure inside it, it can eject scalding foods and liquids, burning your skin. This is why good pressure cookers have safety mechanisms that prevent the lid from detaching while the food inside is under high pressure. Still, due to defects in some products, people have reported exploding pressure cookers and liquids bursting out of the pot. 

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Am I eligible to file a pressure cooker explosion lawsuit?

If you have bought a pressure cooker, used it according to the instructions on the manual, and it still exploded and caused your injuries, you are eligible to file a lawsuit. The temperature of the pot can go as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When the pot explodes, the mess it creates in your kitchen is the least of your worries. The food inside the pot is 40 degrees more than the boiling point of water. When the gush of liquids, steam, and food touches your skin, they can cause severe injuries, the scars of which may be life-long. If the food hits your eye, it can cause permanent vision loss. 

If you have suffered any injuries from an exploding pressure cooker, you must gather the essential evidence and file a lawsuit with the help of a good attorney. You must keep the receipt of the pressure cooker when you buy it. You may also click photos of your injuries which may help establish the extent of your injuries. 

After getting injured, your priority should be receiving medical help. This gives you the best chance at recovery and creates documentation of your injuries, which later helps to build your case. 

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