The Best Targeted Workouts You Need To Build Bigger Biceps

Working out is one of the best ways you can do to keep your body fit all the time. You will need routines to help you achieve the type of body you want. If you want to look strong and confident at the same time then you should work on your biceps. Surely tons of people will notice you once they see how big your biceps are. 

There are tons of exercises you can do to make your biceps bigger. Having bigger biceps can help you become more productive and it can make you look more attractive. You don’t have to lift heavy objects all the time for you to achieve this. You just need discipline and a strict routine for you to reach your goal. Check this list of biceps workouts you should be doing now.


Chin-up is one of the most basic and effective workout routines for building bigger biceps and it can be done anywhere. This bodyweight exercise can help you with your goal and it’s very easy to do. You will need to exert a lot of effort for this one because you will be lifting yourself a couple of times.

Doing chin-ups has tons of benefits that will improve your current state right now. This routine has different variations and you can try all of them if you want to know their differences. Here are some tips on how you can do this one. 

  • The first thing you’ll need is a pull-up bar. You can buy this one at any sporting store near your area and it’s basically the only thing you’ll need for this exercise.
  • You will need to hang yourself from the bar and make sure that your palms are facing you.
  • Squeezing your shoulder blades is also important when doing chin-ups. You should do this routine for at least 6-12 repetitions and not more so that you won’t limit your performance since this routine can be a bit taxing.

If you want more details about this workout routine, then you can search the web for a  fitness trainer near me. You can also try joining groups such as a health club so that you gain more ideas on what are the things you should be doing to have a better result for your workouts.

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Hammer Curl

The Hammer Curl is another type of workout routine that also involves lifting heavy objects to help with your muscle growth. Some people prefer doing this one in gyms because of the availability of the equipment but if you have your own at home then it’s much better. Doing some warm-up exercises is a must before lifting dumbbells because it helps condition your body. 

Hammer curls can help thicken your arms which can give you an advantage when lifting heavy objects. It targets the outer biceps, inner biceps, and forearm of your body giving your muscle more endurance to heavy lifting routines. Here are some basic steps you can do to perform a hammer curl.

  • Lift a dumbbell in each hand while you’re in a standing position. Your wrist should be facing each other to perform this the right way.
  • After lifting dumbbells, you will need to tuck your arms in your sides and flex both arms for you to perform this workout properly.
  • Calmly do this and always control your arm when lowering them every time you curl them up. Do this for at least 2 to 3 sets for 10 repetitions.

Diamond Push Up

Push-ups are one of the easiest routines anyone can do because you won’t be needing any equipment for this type of workout. This exercise can be done indoors and outdoors. This workout targets a lot of parts of your body such as your lower back and your stomach. It also improves your cardiovascular system.

There are different kinds of push-ups but the diamond push-up is the most recommended of them all for people who are aiming to build bigger biceps. Proper execution of this routine will surely enhance your biceps and it will strengthen your muscles more. Here is how diamond push-ups should be done.

  • Drop to the ground and do the traditional push-up pose. 
  • Always remember to keep your arms straight all the time.
  • Turn your arms inwards for 45 degrees and don’t forget to extend both thumbs. Once done, you’ll see the diamond shape in your arms.
  • You can start lowering your body and see to it that your chest is close to the ground.
  • Maintain the position for at least 2 seconds and slowly push yourself up.
  • The suggested number of sets for this one is 3 with a repetition of 15.


Working out at least 4 times a week will surely have a good impact on your biceps. Do not add weights to your routine if you’re still starting to do some bicep workouts because it will only tire your muscles which can affect your performance.

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