Should You Invest in an Anti-Glare Screen?

What Is an Anti-Glare Screen?

If it’s something you’ve not considered before, you’re probably asking yourself “what is an anti-glare screen, and why might I need one?” An anti-glare screen is simply a screen with a thin layer of coating that reflects the light. This thin coating allows you to use your laptop in the sun, sat outside, or near a window, without bothersome reflections causing constant distractions.

Pros of Anti-Glare Screens 

The main reason people choose to opt for an anti-glare screen is that they reduce strain on the eyes. This is important if you have a job or hobby that causes you to look at screens for large portions of your day. People who do not use anti-glare screens can often report symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, and pain in and around the eyes. 

Pros of Anti-Glare

With an anti-glare screen, you can work anywhere. This is particularly advantageous for freelancers who are constantly on the move. Not having to worry about finding a shady spot will bring less stress to your working day, you can work properly from anywhere. If you’re a digital nomad traveling the world and exploring beautiful sunny locations, while still needing to do work, look no further than the Ideapad 1 Series. With anti-glare technology and all-day battery life, you’ll never be caught short. 

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Anti-glare doesn’t only benefit those with the freedom to work anywhere, it’s also a great option for those who work in an office. Office workers often don’t get a say in where they’re sat. Open spaces with lots of natural light are sure to create glare, and office workers often have to choose between facing their monitor at the sun, or turning it around and facing the sun themselves. With an anti-glare screen, you can protect yourself, while still being able to see your screen and get on with your work. The placement of the sun will no longer be a problem and productivity will no longer be affected by it.

Anti-glare screens tend to be the top choice for gamers. When playing a game, it can be incredibly frustrating if you miss part of a cut-screen or get attacked by an unseen enemy due to screen glare. Opting to game on a laptop with anti-glare technology will mean you’ll never miss a moment of the action.

Another benefit of anti-glare technology is that it can bring out the vibrancy of deeper colors – perfect for those using devices for entertainment. 

Lastly, an added benefit of glare-reductions screens is that they reduce the amount of dust, finger marks, and general marks on your screen. Although this may not be a tempting enough feature to change or upgrade your laptop, it’s certainly a bonus. 

Anti-glare is not limited to laptop screens.If you feel anti-glare products are improving your life and helping you to manage your screen time, you can also invest in alternative products. Alternative products include anti-glare screen protectors for your phone,game consoles, and even glasses. 

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