What is the Marking Scheme of the NDA Exam for each Subject? What is the Syllabus for the General Ability Test?

This article is about the marking scheme for an NDA exam and the syllabus for the general ability test. The marking scheme under the NDA syllabus for general ability test.

All candidates in a written examination are given approximately 5 hours for 2 Exams. If you haven’t prepared enough, your result will be bad. But it depends on how you prepare well, your result may not be bad. There will be no zero mark in English language comprehension, reasoning, and Basic Mathematics subtests of General Ability Test paper I; however in other subjects, there will be one mark allotted for each question answered incorrectly or omitted altogether irrespective of its value or level of difficulty. If you’re studying for NDA, you can subscribe to Byju’s Exam Prep Packages to improve your score as it will help you clarify all your doubts and have study resources.

What is NDA Exam in India?

NDA (National Defence Academy) is one of the prestigious defense academies in India. The academy was established by an act of parliament on 2nd September 1959.  In order to qualify for admission, a student has to fulfill certain minimum qualifications and fulfil additional eligibility criteria based on the cadet’s age, whether or not the applicant is from a minority community or region and other factors such as educational history & performance. The National Defence Academy, formerly known as the Armed Forces Academy was renamed in 1950 after India became a republic.

Subject Paper Total No of Questions Duration of Exam Maximum Marks
Mathematics 1 120 2 ½ Hours 300
General Ability Test 2 150 2 ½ Hours 600
Total 270 900


Benefits of NDA Exam:

National Defence Academy is the front runner in terms of admission and is one of the rare Public Universities that gives academic credit for both the years spent studying for NDA as well as for all other years of study. The number of candidates who are selected to join the academy is quite large and students who have excelled in all their studies at school, college, and the university will be given priority in getting selected as cadets. Public Universities generally, do not offer this academic credit and thus it is considered an advantage to be an NDA cadet.

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The NDA exam syllabus for the General Ability Test:

GAT consists of two parts namely:

1) English: This part consists of three sections. The first section consists mainly of continuous speech, which deals with the comprehension and expression of the English language. This test comprises 20 objective-type questions. Analytical & General Ability Tests in the English Language: This is a subject-specific part of GAT which tests the grant’s ability to understand, write and speak English in various situations. It consists of one analytical test and one general ability test in the English language only.

2) General Knowledge: This part is also of Six sections of 1 hour each, viz. Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Geography, History, and Current Events.


Sections Maximum marks
Part A – English 200
Part B – General Knowledge Chemistry 60
Physics 100
History, Freedom Movement, etc. 80
General Science  40 
Current Events 40
Geography  80 
Total 600


Marking Scheme For NDA Exam For Each Subject:

Part A(English) is of 200 Marks while Part B(General Knowledge) is of 400 Marks. Thus a total of 600 Marks is given in the General Ability Test. For more details, refer to the official websites of the National Defence Academy, New Delhi, NDA Website, and General Knowledge website.

Topics Maximum marks
Quadratic equations 37.5-50
Calculus  50-62.5 
Probability 25
Matrices and Determinants  75 
Complex Number 25-37.5
Trigonometry  75 
Total 300



NDA Exam is a tough exam and there could be no second chance to make a bad score. If you know how to prepare well, your result may not be bad. You have to have a good understanding of the syllabus and the question paper and try your best for 2 hours. The bulk of questions in the NDA exam will be from the 10+2 level, particularly in Math. Candidates should read the newspaper every day and study for the General Ability test using BYJU’S Exam Prep. 

NDA is one of the toughest exams of all and also one of the most important exams for every person who wishes to join any Public University. For those who are preparing for the NDA exam, you should have a good knowledge of all the subjects. 

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