Four Tips for Protecting Your Home from Intruders

When an intruder breaks into your house, they take more than your goods, they also take your sense of security. Home security is a high priority for you and your family to feel comfortable at home and to safeguard your loved ones. These four simple yet effective safety precautions don’t need to cost a fortune and can immediately assist you in keeping your home and family safe. 

Secure the Doors and Windows

Examine all your outside doors and windows to ensure that the frames are sturdy and the hinges are secure. Keep them locked even when you’re at home. Intruders are mostly opportunistic and are always looking for easy targets, and an unlocked door or window provides just that.

Simply locking your doors and windows may not be sufficient protection if you don’t have high-quality locks. To begin, make sure that all your outside doors have a deadbolt, and that your frames and hinges are sturdy enough to withstand an intrusion. You can also upgrade to smart locks that can be remotely controlled. Door and window sensors can detect if an entryway has been left open. Use window security film to reinforce glass on doors and windows and consider window bars. Underneath first-floor windows, plant thorny bushes (but be sure to keep them trimmed).

Think Like an Intruder

When it comes to defending your home from break-ins, think like an intruder. Look around the perimeter of your home for any weak spots. Make sure expensive valuables are not easily visible through your windows. Also, don’t forget about your pricey outdoor items. Grills, bicycles, ladders, and other equipment should all be kept in a locked garage or shed. As mentioned, maintain neatly trimmed shrubbery to help reduce intruder hiding spots. Remove any trees that are close to windows or strengthen those windows with extra security. Even if you don’t have a security system, put up security signs and stickers in the yard to deter criminals.

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Invest in a Security System

Your local police department can provide you with neighborhood crime data and assistance with a home security assessment. One of the most effective ways to prevent intruders and warn you if an intrusion has occurred is to install a home security system. A home with no security system is three times more likely to be burgled, according to research. There are various and varied options available to suit every budget and level of protection.  

You can purchase security cameras as part of a complete home security system or purchase stand-alone cameras. Two of the most cost-effective ways to protect your home are video surveillance systems and security cameras. Criminals are usually deterred simply by the presence of cameras.

When it comes to more hands-on protection, the AR-15 rifle has long been a favorite for home protection and civilian use due to its sturdiness, dependability, and adaptability. You can’t go wrong with an iron sight that will upgrade your AR into a tactical weapon. 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Intruders are significantly less likely to enter a house that has a lot of external illumination. Keep your front porch light on, add an outdoor lamp, and encourage your neighbors to install lights on their properties to deter criminals. Motion sensor outdoor lights are a great investment for your outdoor areas including front and back gardens, pathways, and garages. You can even use solar-powered lighting to save energy. Set up schedules with smart light bulbs and use a smart outlet to place outdoor lights on a timer.

Being a victim of a home invasion is a frightening ordeal that can have long-lasting repercussions. Using these suggestions will deter criminals and help you in keeping your family and belongings safe. 

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