How to dress for work in the heat?

Summer is a wonderful time when it is warm, full of sun and good. Usually, people are happy to fly. But there are those whom the heat makes them suffer. For example, those who are lucky enough to find a good job in Dubai can face problems with heat, whether this person works in the office or on the street. It is so hot there that literally everyone suffers from the heat. Unfortunately, the high temperature of the environment in itself stresses the human body quite strongly, and if you also compare this with labor, physical or mental, work becomes even worse. But if you choose the right clothes for working in the heat, it can mitigate the heat load a little. Agree, in any weather, your comfort depends on what you are wearing, both in cold and in heat. 

The only problem that arises in this situation is that almost every job has some kind of dress code that must be followed. For example, no matter how hot it is, you cannot come to the office in beach shorts, but only in trousers or jeans. Or vice versa, no matter how cold it is outside, women cannot wear skirts longer than the dress code, or pants. Also, the dress code may prescribe far from the most comfortable or practical shoes like a professional off white low top, but in order to keep your job, you need to stick to the rules. Unfortunately, the dress code is not always designed for the weather in which employees get to the office and home. But in any case, you can make it easier for yourself, and there are two options for this:

  • The first is to get to work and home in the clothes that are comfortable for you, but in the office itself, change into the one that is laid down by the dress code. This method is quite simple, and the only thing that complicates it is that you have to constantly carry extra clothes with you.
  • The second is to choose clothes for every day, taking into account the dress code. But choose clothes from materials that will feel good in the heat, as well as slightly modify the dress code.

What absolutely cannot be worn

In addition to the official dress code, at least there are elementary norms of decency, since there are places where there is no dress code, it is regulated only by the business style of clothing, and in fact everyone dresses as they want. But even in this case, not every piece of fabric can be pulled over and come to work in it.

For example, in no case should you wear overly revealing clothes. This is quite the opposite of business style, and is unacceptable in any office. In addition, it is undesirable to wear tight-fitting clothing. Not only will it be much hotter in it, it sticks unpleasantly to the body, but the whole office will see your figure in detail, and this also does not fit into the concept of business dress code. The way you dress, at any time of the year, should not distract you and your employees from work. And following this rule is very important if you value your work and want to stay on it for as long as possible.

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What clothes are acceptable in order to wear her to the office in the hot season

Clothing within your dress code. If you have it at your work, it is advisable not to violate it and dress as required by the rules. Your relationships with employees and superiors depend on this, and it is in your interest not to spoil them.

Clothing that will not distract your employees from work. Your clothing should be fairly modest and closed. Remember that no matter how freely you are allowed to dress for work, this freedom remains within the boundaries of business dress code.

Clothes that won’t make you uncomfortable. If you are very uncomfortable, you will not be able to work as you should. What matters to your productivity is how comfortable you are. It is also worth considering whether you have air conditioning at work, which will make life easier for you during the heat, or not. The choice of your clothes should also depend on this.

Clothes on which sweat stains will not be very visible. This is a big problem for people who are actively sweating, and during the heat they become stained. Light-colored clothing will also be a good way out in this case, since it will hardly be noticeable on it.

Some tips on how to dress in the heat

  • Thin fabrics. Clothes made of good and thin fabric, which are well ventilated and do not stick to the body, are much better and more pleasant than too open clothes made of poor quality material. For example, a shirt made of a fabric like cambric will not cause you discomfort even in very hot weather, which is very important. Also, clothes made from this fabric are good if you need to not only be in the building but also walk around the city on business, this fabric will save you well from strong rays of the sun. But also often clothing made from such a fabric is quite translucent, so if you, for example, wear such a blouse, you should also wear flesh-colored underwear.
  • If you are a girl and work in an office and your dress code allows you to dress more casually, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a T-shirt in hot weather. But it should not be a home T-shirt in which you go to drink coffee on the balcony in the morning, but something like a tank top. And it should not fit you, absolutely. You can also put on such a T-shirt and on top complement the image with a light
  • Also for girls – a loose dress of sufficient length and density, made of good and light fabric, can be a good option for hot weather. Remember the main rule of clothing in the heat – as less as possible points of contact with the body.
  • Men also need to choose the right fabrics. If you need to wear a suit, or shirts, give preference to clothes made of linen. Of course, it wrinkles quite a lot, but it’s worth it not to suffer from heat. Cotton will also make it easier for you to stay dressed during extreme heat, and doesn’t wrinkle as much as linen.
  • Choose oversized clothes, but in such a way that they look beautiful on you, and not like on a hanger. Unless prohibited by local office dress code, you may not tuck your shirt into your pants.
  • Choose lighter clothes, and avoid black. Everyone knows that black strongly attracts heat, and will create even more discomfort for you. Prefer light fabrics, maybe even just white.
  • In any case, whoever you are, do not forget about a hat in order to cover your head from the direct rays of the sun and avoid sunstroke, this is especially important for those who spend a lot of time outdoors during work.

What to do if you work outside the office?

If you work outside, you should also consider all of the above rules, as they are useful for both those working in the building and those working outside. But in this case, you need to pay maximum attention to protecting your head from the sun, if you work on the street you have a much greater risk of suffering from sunstroke than those who work in offices.

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