Traveling Near King’s Cross Station? Here Are 8 Ways to Spend Your Day 

Do you have some spare time while passing through King’s Cross Station? Don’t fret your layover as there is no shortage of great things to see and do in the area while you are in town. Make sure to store any luggage you are traveling with first with luggage storage near King’s Cross Station so you won’t have to lug it around this walkable city. Then it’s time to see some sights and soak up local culture before you head to your next destination. Here are eight things you should do while passing through King’s Cross.

Platform 9 ¾ 

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Whether you are a total fanatic or if you are just familiar with the ironic parts of the series, the first stop on your day trip will come before you even leave King’s Cross Station. You need to check out platform 9 ¾. Yes, this famous magical spot from the series exists in this train station. You can find the mysterious platform complete with Harry’s luggage cart halfway through the portal. This spot makes a great photo location as you can reenact the famous scene for your Instagram. It is, however, easy to miss so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

Harry Potter Tours

If you were excited by the hidden platform in the train station, the Harry Potter mania doesn’t have to stop here. London has no shortage of Harry Potter themed tours and sightseeing activities. You can choose between guided walking tours or bus tours of the popular moving filming sites and landmarks. You can also book the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio tour which fills up fast but can be done with some advance planning.  

The Crypt Gallery 

If you would rather spend your day checking out the local museums, you need to check out the Crypt Gallery. Located under the St Pancras Church, the crypt was originally used for coffin burials between 1822 and 1854. In 2002 it was opened as an art gallery that serves as a backdrop to a steady rotation of art exhibitions and events. Seeing works displayed in a warren of underground corridors is a unique experience for anyone who appreciates fine art.

The Wellcome Collection

If the unique layout of the Crypt Gallery caught your attention, you may also want to stop by the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road. It showcases artifacts, artwork and tools that explore relationships between medicine and art. Sir Henry Wellcome was a 19th-century pharmacist who the museum is named for. Some of the notable items displayed include Napoleon’s toothbrush, ancient surgical tools and even some Peruvian mummies.

The Charles Dickens Museum 

The last museum on our list is the Charles Dickens Museum. Located on Doughty Street you will find his famous Victorian home where he penned works such as Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. The home has been beautifully restored, allowing for guests to wander the spaces where he would sleep and dine. Also make sure to check out the washer house copper that was featured in A Christmas Carol.  

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Regent’s Canal

If you are starting to feel tired after a day of tours and museums, take some time to grab an afternoon coffee or tea and walk along Regent’s Canal. The walk along the canal is idyllic, scenic and relaxing in the middle of a busy travel day. This 8.6 mile waterway runs through the heart of King’s Cross and takes around 30 minutes if you walk the most scenic parts of the canal.

Coal Drops Yard 

If you are looking for a great place to do some light shopping or grab a bite to eat, check out Coal Drops Yard. The walk to Coal Drops Yard from King’s Cross Station is under 10 minutes. Once you arrive you will discover a small collection of shops, bars, eateries and cafes. Spend some time wandering around in this area after you have got your major sightseeing excursions out of the way.

Searcy’s Champagne Bar 

Once you have finished all the sightseeing and local cuisine, end your day sipping bubbly at Europe’s longest champagne bar. The stunning bar spans more than 98 meters under the sweeping glass roof of the St Pancras Station which is right across from King’s Cross Station. You can also grab some small bites or an afternoon tea at this beautiful location.

A Day in King’s Cross 

Even if you are only passing through for the day, you should have no issue doing a few of your favorite activities on this list. Make sure you plan in advance for any tours or attractions that fill up quickly and make reservations for any bars or restaurants that catch your eye, and you are sure to make the most of your time. Happy traveling!

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