Which Are The Best Lay Flat Photo Books?

A lay flat photo book entails a binding that lets pages stay open and balanced, meaning you won’t have to hold the pages as you view them. Some lay flat books have two pages held at the center, while others consist of a single sheet.

Lay flat photo books are desirable because they have a slim gutter. It makes full use of the picture space. This feature is practical when doing a two-page spread. Other lay flat channels do not have a gutter.

These books also look different from a typical book you can buy from the stores. They are eye-catching and out of the ordinary. Lay flat books are meant for special purposes like baptisms and weddings.

Below, we discuss some common lay flat photo books.

  1. Bob Books

Bob books offer exact sizes and have a good quality silver printing. However, you are only limited to image wrap hardcovers. Bob books lack a material cover or luxury but are a great way to store your memories.

They are available in over three types, and you can edit them offline. Try using Adobe Express image editor for free.

  1. Saal-Digital

Saal-Digital is one of the most common lay flat books. These photo books are printed on silver printers. They also have many cover options like leather and linen. These books offer presentation boxes, and you can view them offline or on their app.

These books are available in four types, and you should watch out for the material cover. Saal-Digital books do not have a flyleaf, but you can add a page to fix it.

  1. CEWE

CEWE is the most-selling lay flat book in Europe. They are available in almost all stores and influence many websites. Their range resembled Bob Books until recently when they upgraded them.

The update consisted of silver halide books with two large-sized linen covers. These books have a great appearance but are expensive. They are mainly used for weddings since they are too costly to be used as travel books.

Creating these books using their offline or online editor is also possible.

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  1. ZNO

ZNO is another popular photo printer for professionals and is available for lower prices. Their lay flat book is bounded beautifully with rigid pages. This lay flat photo book is only available in only one type but has a range of accessories and covers.

Remember, you can only create this book using their online editor.

  1. PixMig

PixMig is a small organization in Macedonia that makes high-end halide books. The “Wooden Book” is their most exclusive collection because it is made using rare wood. They have hardcover books too.

They are available in two paper types, handmade products, and luxury materials. PixMig has an offer where you will get a discount and freebies after buying certain products.

  1. MILK

MILK is a handcrafted book that is available in many forms. It is not as exclusive as the rest but has a premium upgrade.

Final Thoughts

Photo books are a fantastic way to keep hold of your most precious memories. A lay flat photo book has all it takes to keep your most memorable memories safe. Reach out to Mixbook today to get your lay flat photo book.

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